Hyberian alphabet

The Hyberian Empire is heavily inspired by Ancient Rome, so this alphabet is mostly composed of straight lines and angles, which are easier to carve into stone than smooth curves. The individual letters are based on Norse runes. The design is not intended for regular use, but it is largely dyslexia-friendly.

outfit design for the Saia Aldera, the imperial bard college

The uniforms of the Saia Aldera reflect the opulence of the capitol in the gold trim and embroidered accents, with soft sleeves and draped layers. They also take inspiration from the Empire's martial culture, with sharp, structured vests and paneled breeches similar to contemporary military uniforms. When designing outfits, I typically like to consider real-world materials and make notes of what I would use in constructing them.
top left: Hyberian Imperial Insignia; top right: insignia of the Assassin's Guild
bottom left: insignia of the Hyberian Inquisition; bottom right: insignia of the Saia Varna, the arcane academy
These insignias share a central starburst and hand motif, which reflect the Empire's pride and emphasis on power. 
The acronym UEPH translates to the United Imperial Provinces of Hyberia, which is heavily inspired by the Roman SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus). The spears and laurels are nods to Hyberia's Roman influences, while the clenched fist is meant to be reminiscent of Soviet propaganda from the 60s.
The insignia of the Inquisition contains the ubiquitous all-seeing eye, referencing the Inquisition's role not only as an investigative institution, but as a network of spies. The Inquisition is also known for being corrupt, hence the tilted scales, which are both the scales of Justice and the scales of Anubis.
The open hand of the arcane insignia represents the how magic is a controlled release of energy. It also has subtle spiritual overtones. Behind the hand is a crescent moon, which is commonly associated with occultism and magic.
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