Fox + Flora is a Kickstarter campaign for an enamel pin. In addition to the actual pin design, I produced both the written and graphic material for the campaign, including product descriptions, mockups, social media announcements, and backer rewards.
While designing the pin itself, I had to take into account final size, minimum line weights, a limited color palette, and the color of the metal that would be the base for the pin. In the end, I was able to achieve a design that captured my original vision while still meeting the requirements of the final product.
After designing the pin, I developed the informational graphics that tell potential backers what they really want to know: what they get out of supporting Fox + Flora. 
During the lead-up to launch day, I also produced social media material to generate interest in the campaign. The result was a very strong first day in which the campaign reached more than half of its funding goal.
My favorite part of working on this campaign was creating the product mockups. Using a combination of Photoshop layer effects and photos of real materials, I created simulations of the enamel pin and acrylic charm.
The Fox + Flora campaign has officially ended. It reached its official funding goal within the first week, and met the first of 3 unofficial stretch goals during the third week. The campaign successfully raised a total of $865. 

Pins and charms from the campaign can be purchased here

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